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Louis Torres -Sermons in Spanish

Ivor Myers:from AudioVerse

Stephen Bohr:Audio Downloads

Joe Crews:Audio Downloads

Steve Wohlberg:from presentruth

James Rafferty:from Presentruth

Ty Gibson:from Presentruth

Dany Hernandez:Dealing With Storms in Your Life

Doug Batchelor:Here We Stand:from Amazing Facts


Lonnie & Jeannie Melashank

Stephen Bohr-Mary Mother Of Jesus

Stephen Bohr-The Three Elijahs

Derek Morris:Immanuel 12/20/2008

Derek Morris:Why Study the Bible

Derek Morris:Tampering with God's Law

Derek Morris:Da Vinci Decoy

Jon Clark:Freedom In Jesus

Haulani Owens:Give Me Jesus

Walter R. Nelson:Jesus, Son of Man

Walter R. Nelson:Jesus,The Torn Veil

Walter R. Nelson:Jesus,Our Intercessor

Walter R. Nelson:Jesus,The Door of Salvation

Steve Arrington:Building a Christian Warrior

Real-Life Ellen White - This is a 7-hour seminar on Ellen White with Dr. George Knight and Dr. Jon Paulien held at the Paradise Adventist Church on January 11-12. This powerful seminar focused on two key questions: Who was Ellen White, and how do we use her writings in a biblical way?

George Knight:Meet the Real Ellen White

Jon Paulien:Ellen White for Adults

George Knight:Violence and the Red Books

Jon Paulien:Ellen White for Youth

George Knight:The Great Gulf

Jon Paulien:Truth and Post-Modernism

George Knight & Jon Paulien:Questions and Answers

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Mark Finley:Jesus,The Almighty Conqueror

Mark Finley:The Gates of Hell Shall Not...

Mark Finley: Why the Doomsday Prophets Are Wrong

Mark Finley:Healthy Spirituality

Mark Finley:You Can Make a Difference

Mark Finley:God Still Moves Stones

Mark Finley:End-time Faith

Mark Finley:The Parable of the Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Love Comes Softly Box