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Charles D. Brooks
The Breath Of Life Crusade (1978)

1. When Will Earths Sickness Be Cured (Audio)

2. The Handwriting On The Wall (Audio)

3. Claimed and Kept (Audio)

4. Happiness For Husbands And Wives (Audio)

5. Can The Bible Be Trusted (Audio)

6. Gods Looking Glass (Audio)

7. When Grace Is A Curse (Audio)

8. The New Testament Sabbath (Audio)

9. The Gospel Of The Colors (Audio)

10. God In Bad Company (Audio)

11. What Was Nailed To The Cross (Audio)

12. Love And Duty (Audio)

13. The Unpardonable Sin (Audio)

14. What Happens When A Man Dies? (Audio)

15. Who Changed The Sabbath (Audio)

16. What Church Would Jesus Join... (Audio)

17. The Discipline Of Trials (Audio)

18. Lost In Church (Audio)

19. Bible Baptism (Audio)

20. Failing Desires (Audio)

21. Naaman The Leper (Audio)

22. Bloody Water, Boils & Blisters (Audio)

23. The Seven Seals Of Revelation (Audio)

24. The Man Who Robbed God (Audio)

25. The Two Preachers Who Quit Going To Church (Audio)

26. The Mark Of The Beast (Audio)

27. The Man Who Was Killed Trying To Help God (Audio)

28. Knock Out Your Eye, Cut Off Your Hand (Audio)

29. Christ The Open Way (Audio)

30. The Laughter of God (Audio)

Pastor Don Gettys:Stirrings in Orion

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