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Mary Mother of Jesus-Stephen Bohr

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What does the Bible have to say about Mary? Was she immaculately conceived? Was she the Mother of God? Was she assumed to heaven? Will she play a role in end time events? This sobering Biblical look at Mary the Mother of Jesus dispels many of the false traditions circulating about this remarkable woman. 1. The Biblical Portrait of Mary 2. The Cult of the Virgin Mother 3. Mary the Rival of Jesus 4. The Immaculate Deception 5. The Myth of Apostolic Succession 6. Peter and the Rock 7. The Final Dogma 8. The Ecumenical Mary

Price: $107.99

Mary Mother of Jesus #01 Bibical Portrait Of Mary

Mary Mother of Jesus #02 The Cult of The Virgin Mother

Mary Mother of Jesus #03 Mary The Rival of Jesus

Mary Mother of Jesus #04 The Immaculate Deception

Mary Mother of Jesus #05 The Myth of Apostolic Succession

Mary Mother of Jesus #06 Peter And The Rock

Mary Mother of Jesus #07 The Final Dogma

Mary Mother of Jesus #08 The Ecumenical 'Mary'

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